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In Ghana, most nurses and midwives graduate from school only to join colleagues and other teaming youth to fight, demonstrate and wait for years for government placement to serve at various health facilities across the country.   Ghana is considered to be among the countries with the poorest nurse to patient ratio in the world yet it appears the successive governments are unable to employ all of the available nurses often leaving out a chunk of backlog who sometimes remain unemployed for a while.

While this plays out here in Ghana, many countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia are in dire need of nurses and midwives to help augment their health care.

Nurses and midwives from Ghana are some of the most respected in the world and stand to enjoy great benefits working in these countries as compared to what is available to them working in their home country, Ghana.

One of the benefits of working abroad as a nurse is that nurses in these countries are entitled to a  decent and rewarding salary. Nurses in the UK, the US, Canada and Ireland are part of the most paid employees thus nurses in these countries have decent livelihoods and can take care of themselves and their family needs.

Again, because of the improved systems, availability of modern equipment and the number of staff in these countries, nurses who work in facilities there work under decent and friendly working environments and are able to give off their best in the delivery of medical care.

 Because of the vast number of staff working in various departments in the hospitals abroad, nurses in these countries enjoy manageable working hours and are able to have flexible time to rest. As compared to other countries which include Ghana, nurses overwork and remain at duty for longer hours, mostly attending to an overwhelming number of patients in a day which usually causes them to break down or leave them stressed out after each routine. As a result, they are not able to function at their utmost thereby hindering performance.

Nurses abroad enjoy befitting pension schemes at the end of their service. Unlike in Ghana and elsewhere, nurses in the UK, the US, Canada and Ireland are entitled to decent pension packages and benefits and this helps them to have a decent livelihood for the rest of their lives. Nurses abroad have countless advantages over their counterparts in Ghana who sometimes may become vulnerable and insecure after their service.

It takes a bold decision to step into your future now to enjoy the peace of mind, better life and the benefits of working abroad as a nurse by taking advantage of the array of credible migration solutions and opportunities that Dreams Consult offers.

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